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While everyone is preparing for the holidays, today the Westertoren officially rings in the holiday season! Caught up in the atmosphere, the Westertoren has its own progressive Christmas hit, "Imperial Christmas", starring its carillon bells. It's a Christmas song in which authentic and modern sounds merge in "The Universal Symphony of Maximilian Harmony", and the different cultures of Amsterdam, their unity and the international community are central. This signal will be transmitted around the world by the bells of the Westertoren, a historic means of communication.

With its Imperial crown, the Westertoren has always been a symbol of connection and trade. Now it's time to send this revitalised and most famous Amsterdam sound back out into the world, to preserve the tower for future generations.In the next few years, a great deal of money will be needed to restore the Westertoren. That's why music producers "Maximilian World" (whose name refers to Emperor Maximilian, who gave Amsterdam the Imperial crown) have made the single "Imperial Christmas". All proceeds from this special Christmas single will benefit the restoration of the Westerkerkgebouw. Therefore, from today the famous

When Amsterdam expanded in western direction in the beginning of the 17th century, new churches were needed. One of these new churches was the Westerkerk (The Western church), built between 1620-1638. The initial designer of Westerkerk was Hendrick de Keyser, whose son Pieter took over after his father died in 1621.

Boudewijn Zwart, carillonneur for the Westerkerk in Amsterdam, NL, plays Toccata in D minor by Johann Sebastian Bach. Recorded and produced by the Peabody Essex Museum. Video created by Chip Van Dyke, Media Production Manager at the Peabody Essex Museum with help from Holland Production Services Edited by Jack Moffit and Chip Van Dyke Carillon recordings by Forrest James forrestjames.bandcamp.com/

Westertoren carillon will ring in Christmas worldwide. It's a unique fusion of dance and bell music. Boudewijn Zwart, Westertoren bellringer, allows you to both see and hear that the Westertoren is ready for the future by combining the melancholy sound of the bells with the music of the present.The Imperial crown of Emperor Maximilian was the highest distinction that a city could receive. While many people think that the crown on the Westerkerk is a Royal crown, it is actually an Imperial crown. Emperor Maximilian, whom the City of Amsterdam can thank for its city emblem and who gave the Keizersgracht canal his name, for example, was so grateful to our capital city (as the first merchant's city in the world), that he bestowed his crown on the city out of love.

The Carillon of the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, playing automatically by means of the tower clock mechanism, built in 1619. The music was programmed by Gideon Bodden in April 2012 and plays every hour of the day until November 2012. 1/2 hour: Üsküdar'a Gideriken (Famous Turkish song, celebrating 400 years of official relationship between Turkey and The Netherlands) 3/4 hour: Menuet by Jef van Hoof (1886-1959) 1/1 hour: Fantasia para un Gentilhombre by Joaquín Rodrigo (1901-1999) 1/4 hour: Toccata by Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1562-1621)

Maximilian World is a recently established charity organisation. The organisation uses music, theatre and film projects to promote its universal values of love and unity. Imperial city Amsterdam is an example of these values, being a city where many different cultures live together in relative harmony. For centuries, the Westertoren bells have been a symbol of stability and familiarity. "Imperial Christmas" is the first single released by this progressive charity organization.

Get more information: http://www.maximilian.world
Amsterdam Westertoren bells ring in Christmas!
Combination of dance and carillon signals unity to the world

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