FashionWeek Amsterdam

Amsterdam FashionWeek

AFW Twitter is hét platform dat als podium dient voor de Nederlandse en Vlaamse mode-industrie, met als hoogtepunt twee keer per jaar Amsterdam FashionWeek.

FashionWeek Nederland started in 2004 as an initiative to put Amsterdam on the map as a sparkling and internationally oriented destination for fashion. The organzation has three values which forms the pillars of the organization: Connect, Grow and Celebrate. Connect stands for the aim to clear the gap between commerce and creativity, Grow stands for aim to point out the Netherlands fashion industry on international level and Celebrate stands for the fact that we have to celebrate the fashion talent in the Netherlands.

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In order to fulfill this values FashionWeek Nederland initiates, coordinates, facilitates, programs and communicate catwalkshows and other fashion related events. Twice a year, Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam forms the center-point of the Dutch fashion world with a full schedule of catwalk shows, trade fairs, presentations, lectures and parties. Therefore, Amsterdam Fashion Week is the platform for fashion professionals and consumers in the Netherlands.

FashionWeek Nederland has received international recognition for its initiatives towards strengthening the Dutch fashion industry, stimulating interdisciplinary collaborations and sustaining our planet’s biodiversity.

Webiste: FashionWeek Nederland  @AmsterdamFashionWeek Evenementenbureau in Amsterdam, Nederland · Westpoort Adres: Basisweg 30, 1043 AP Amsterdam Telefoon: 020 684 2878

Pers./ Heeft u vragen over het evenement of ons platform, of wilt u informatie ontvangen over camera-accreditatie voor de aankomende catwalkshows, neem dan contact op met ons PR-bureau Salon Waldorf. Mail: of telefoon: 020 32 09 953. Belt u vanuit het buitenland, gebruik dan: +31 20 32 09 953.

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